Saturday, March 18th at 8:15 PM

🌙✨ Ramadan calendar/timetable for LBIC are now available inside the Masjid. 🍽️ There are still some days available to sponsor Iftar please check the bulletin board.

Friday, March 17th at 5:01 PM

Jummah Mubarak! Today’s Announcements: 👉 First night of Ramadan is Wednesday March 22nd. The first fasting day will be Thursday March 23rd inshaAllah. 🗓️ 👉 Welcome our new Brothers in Islam Br. Atlas and Br. Malaika. Also a welcome to Br. Eduardo who also took his Shahada 2 Jummah’s ago. 🤲 👉 Check out our new donation kiosk at the men’s entrance. 💰 👉 Family Night is TONIGHT at 7:15pm, see you there inshaAllah! 🌙✨

Wednesday, March 15th at 10:40 AM

FAMILY NIGHT this Friday, 03/17/23 at 7:15pm! ⭐️Topic: Our Manual By Dr. Suzie ⭐️Q&A with Shk Tarek ⭐️Bring your favorite dish to share. ⭐️Invite your friends and family!