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Prayer Times

Athan6:19 am7:57 am1:02 pm4:01 pm6:00 pm7:22 pm
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A khutba starts at 1:30pm. At Main Hall.
Registration required within guidance of the goverments track and trace guidelines. See Events below to Enroll for this prayer.


Aug 18, 2021 9:30 AM

Fast the days of Ashura and Ayam ul Beed, gain multiple rewards and observe two Sunnahs in the blessed month of Muharram. The one that keeps a fast in the month of Muharram will receive the reward of thirst fasts for each fast [Tabraani] We should endeavor to fast on either the 9th and 10th of Muharram or the 10th and 11th of Muharram. Wednesday 18th August 2021 - 9th Muharram 1443 Day before Thursday 19th August 2021 - 10th Muharram 1443 Day of Ashura Friday 20th August 2021 - 11th Muharram 1443 Day after Sunday 22nd August 2021 - 13th Muharram 1443 White Day Monday 23rd August 2021 - 14th Muharram 1443 White Day Tuesday 24th August 2021 - 15th Muharram 1443 White Day

Aug 12, 2021 10:55 AM

Annandale Mosque, Edinburgh: COVID 19 Update (as of 9th August 2021) In line with the updated Scottish Government, Scotland has now moved beyond level 0. Therefore the following guidance applies. Congregational daily prayers: As a result of the removal of social and physical distancing, we are able to return to congregational prayer on a shoulder-to-shoulder basis. Friday prayer (Jummah): We have already reverted back to 1 Jummah prayer. Jummah prayer is held at 1.30pm at the Mosque. Funeral Prayer and Burials: There will be no restrictions on the numbers able to attend the funeral prayer and the burial. Maktab: Education classes are still being held online. The committee will be discussing the return to face-to-face classes at the next meeting and an announcement will be made soon. Other relevant guidance: - Face masks are still mandatory indoors - Please sanitise before entering the Mosque - Please attend at the Mosque with your own prayer mat and a bag to place your shoes in - We encourage you to perform Wudu before you attend the Mosque. - Please cooperate and comply with any instructions given by our COVID stewards Track and Trace: For daily congregational prayers we have placed a self sign register at the entrance. We would be grateful if all attendees ensure they self sign on entry. For Friday prayers (Jummah), in addition to the self sign register, we will still operate the masjid application register to electronically sign in. Thank you for your cooperation. Pakistan Association Edinburgh & East of Scotland Committee

Jul 29, 2021 11:41 PM

Please ensure to register for the 1:30 Jumma prayer and be advised that there is only one prayer going forward. Jazak'Allah Khair



Friday 1:25 (Next: October 22nd)
Main Hall
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Registration is required for Jumma prayers in accordance with the Government requirements. Please ensure to read the rules before enrolling to the prayer. One Email ID per person. Jazak'Allah Khair.

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