Darul Ilm Birmingham

Bisley Works, Golden Hillock Road, Sparkbrook, Birmingham, B11 2PYGet Directions

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Prayer Times

Athan5:12 am6:47 am1:06 pm5:14 pm7:18 pm8:31 pm
Iqama4:00 am1:30pm6:55pm9:42pm10:50pm
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A khutba starts at 1.30pm. At Prayer Room.


Mar 5, 2021 11:55 AM

Jummah Khutbah will be at 1230pm Inshallah today


Friday Khutba

Friday 1:00 PM (Next: September 24th)
Main Prayer Hall
Suggested Donation: £5.00Enroll Now

Registration required

Legacy of the Akabireen

Every Friday 7:00 PM (Next: September 24th)
Virtual Zoom Session
Suggested Donation: £5.00Enroll Now

By Maulana Belal

The Lives and Legacies of Prominent Muhaddithun

Every Saturday & Sunday (Next: September 18th)
Virtual Zoom Session
Suggested Donation: £5.00Enroll Now

By Muftiya Sabrina

Tafsir of The Quran

Every Sunday at 1:30PM (Next: September 19th)
Onsite and on Mixlr
Suggested Donation: £5.00Enroll Now

Tafsir of The Quran by Maulana Abdurr Rabb in Bangla and Urdu

Seerah of The Prophet (SAW)

Every Monday 9:15PM (Next: September 20th)

Seerah of the Prophet (SAW) by Sheikh Naieem Muhammed.

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