Dunfermline Central Mosque

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Prayer Times

Azan5:08 am7:12 am12:28 pm3:45 pm5:42 pm7:39 pm
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A khutba starts at 12:30pm. At Main Hall - Downstairs.

Another khutba starts at 12:50pm. At Main Hall - Downstairs.

Another khutba starts at 1:10pm. At Main Hall - Downstairs.

Another khutba starts at 1:30pm. At Main Hall - Downstairs.


Wednesday, January 6th at 9:26 PM

š——.š—–.š—  - š—œš— š—£š—¢š—„š—§š—”š—”š—§ š—Øš—£š——š—”š—§š—˜ Dunfermline Central Mosque will be suspending all activities that require physical attendance at the Masjid as of: šŸ“š—½š—ŗ š—§š—µš˜‚š—暝˜€š—±š—®š˜† šŸ³š˜š—µ š—š—®š—»š˜‚š—®š—暝˜† šŸ®šŸ¬šŸ®šŸ­ š—”š—³š˜š—²š—æ š—œš˜€š—µš—® š—£š—暝—®š˜†š—²š—暝˜€. This means the following services are suspended until further notice: šŸ­. š——š—®š—¶š—¹š˜† š—°š—¼š—»š—“š—暝—²š—“š—®š˜š—¶š—¼š—»š—®š—¹ š—½š—暝—®š˜†š—²š—暝˜€. šŸ®. š—š˜‚š—ŗš—ŗš—®š—µ š—£š—暝—®š˜†š—²š—暝˜€. Following services will continue online: šŸ­. š—”š—¹š—¹ š—–š—µš—¶š—¹š—±š—暝—²š—»'š˜€ š—–š—¹š—®š˜€š˜€š—²š˜€ š˜„š—¶š—¹š—¹ š—°š—¼š—»š˜š—¶š—»š˜‚š—² š—¼š—»š—¹š—¶š—»š—². šŸ®. š——š˜‚š—暝˜€-š—²-š—¤š˜‚š—暝—®š—» š—¢š—»š—¹š—¶š—»š—². šŸÆ. š—š˜‚š—ŗš—ŗš—®š—µ š—¦š—½š—²š—²š—°š—µ š—¢š—»š—¹š—¶š—»š—²

Friday, January 1st at 9:47 PM

*JUMMA PRAYERS* *COVID LEVEL 4 RULES* *FRI - 8th JANUARY 2021* *FIRST JAMAAT @ 12:40pm* *SECOND JAMAAT @ 1:00pm* *THIRD JAMAAT @ 1:20pm* *FOURTH JAMAAT @ 1:40pm* *BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL* Please register to attend Jumma and show your ticket on arrival. *(Maximum of 20 People allowed in, only people with a booking will be permitted entry)* We are legally required to take details of all people attending to follow Track & Trace rules. You must Register for Jumma on The Masjid App. Click on the links below to download the App. *Android:* https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.deeds.themasjidapp *Apple iOS:* https://apps.apple.com/us/app/the-masjid-app/id1492838521?ls=1 In addition to the guidelines issued by the Scottish government. We ask you to also abide by the rules placed in and around the Musjid. Some of which are: *š—§š—µš—¼š˜€š—² š˜„š—µš—¼ š—µš—®š˜ƒš—² š—®š—»š˜† š˜€š˜†š—ŗš—½š˜š—¼š—ŗš˜€ š˜€š—µš—¼š˜‚š—¹š—± š—½š—暝—®š˜† š—®š˜ š—µš—¼š—ŗš—²*. *š—¢š˜ƒš—²š—æ šŸ³šŸ¬'š˜€ š—®š—»š—± š—–š—µš—¶š—¹š—±š—暝—²š—» š˜‚š—»š—±š—²š—æ šŸ­šŸ® š˜€š—µš—¼š˜‚š—¹š—± š—½š—暝—®š˜† š—­š˜‚š—µš—æ š—®š˜ š—µš—¼š—ŗš—²* *š——š—¼ š˜„š˜‚š—±š—µš˜‚ š—³š—暝—¼š—ŗ š—µš—¼š—ŗš—² *š—¬š—¼š˜‚ š— š—Øš—¦š—§ š—Æš—暝—¶š—»š—“ š˜†š—¼š˜‚š—æ š—¼š˜„š—» š—½š—暝—®š˜†š—²š—æ š—ŗš—®š˜. *š—™š—®š—°š—² š—°š—¼š˜ƒš—²š—æ š—¶š˜€ š—ŗš—®š—»š—±š—®š˜š—¼š—暝˜† š˜„š—µš—¶š—¹š˜€š˜ š—®š˜ š˜š—µš—² š— š˜‚š˜€š—·š—¶š—±. *š—£š—¹š—®š—°š—² š˜€š—µš—¼š—²š˜€ š—¶š—» š—® š—Æš—®š—“ š—®š—»š—± š—»š—¼š˜ š—¼š—» š˜š—µš—² š˜€š—µš—¼š—² š—暝—®š—°š—ø. *š—žš—²š—²š—½ š˜€š—µš—¼š—² š—Æš—®š—“ š˜„š—¶š˜š—µ š˜†š—¼š˜‚ š—®š˜ š—®š—¹š—¹ š˜š—¶š—ŗš—²š˜€. *š—£š—¹š—²š—®š˜€š—² š—暝—²š—®š—± š—¦š˜‚š—»š—»š—®š—µ š—®š—»š—± š—”š—®š—³š—¹ š—¦š—®š—¹š—®š—µ š—®š˜ š—µš—¼š—ŗš—². *š—™š—¼š—¹š—¹š—¼š˜„ š˜š—µš—² š—¼š—»š—² š˜„š—®š˜† š˜€š˜†š˜€š˜š—²š—ŗ š—¶š—» š—½š—¹š—®š—°š—². *š—˜š—»š˜š—²š—æ š—®š—»š—± š—˜š˜…š—¶š˜ š˜š—µš—暝—¼š˜‚š—“š—µ š—ŗš—®š—暝—øš—²š—± š—±š—¼š—¼š—暝˜€. *š——š—¼ š—»š—¼š˜ š—±š—¼š˜‚š—Æš—¹š—² š—½š—®š—暝—ø š—±š—¶š—暝—²š—°š˜š—¹š˜† š—¼š˜‚š˜š˜€š—¶š—±š—² š˜š—µš—² š— š—®š˜€š—·š—¶š—±. *š—”š˜ƒš—¼š—¶š—± š—“š—®š˜š—µš—²š—暝—¶š—»š—“ š—¶š—»š˜€š—¶š—±š—² š—¼š—æ š—¼š˜‚š˜š˜€š—¶š—±š—² š˜š—µš—² š—½š—暝—²š—ŗš—¶š˜€š—²š˜€. *š—”š˜ƒš—¼š—¶š—± š˜€š—µš—®š—øš—¶š—»š—“ š—µš—®š—»š—±š˜€ š—®š—»š—± š—›š˜‚š—“š—“š—¶š—»š—“; š—šš—暝—²š—²š˜ š˜„š—¶š˜š—µ š˜ƒš—²š—暝—Æš—®š—¹ š—¦š—®š—¹š—®š—ŗ. May Allah give shifa to those affected, and keep us all safe and healthy...Ameen Jazak Allah Khayr šŸ™šŸ½


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