Islamic Center of Hawthorne

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Prayer Times

Athan5:37 am6:46 am12:59 pm4:31 pm7:11 pm8:20 pm
Iqama5:50am1:15 pm4:45 pm7:16 pm9:00 pm
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A khutba starts at 1:00pm.
1st Khutbah

Another khutba starts at 2:10pm.
2nd Khutbah


Last Sunday at 11:43 PM

As-salamu alaykum beloved community, Your help is needed! Alhamdulillah the Masjid has been full for Ramadan and additional volunteers are needed urgently. Please register on the app, or share this link with those interested Inshallah once registered, we will contact you. Jazakallahu khayran, ICH

Last Friday at 12:10 AM

Assalamwalaykum warahmatallah wabarakatu beloved community members, Please join us for our daily Tafseer Class with Sheikh Hamdy. YouTube Link: Jazakallahu khayran, ICH

Last Thursday at 5:52 AM

Assalamwalaykum warahmatallah wabarakatu beloved community members, Alhamdulilah it was great to see everyone for the first night of Taraweeh. Tahajjud will be at 4:00 am every night starting tonight. Suhoor will be provided. Inshallah the first fasting day will start on Thursday, March 23rd. Jazakallahu khayran, ICH


Ramadan Volunteer Registration

Taking registrations daily, enroll now!
At Masjid
FreeEnroll Now

Please register if you will like to volunteer during Ramadan. You will be emailed out after registration for a schedule and confirmation. We need help with: - Live Streaming - Iftar - and more


4:00 am Daily during Ramadan (Next: March 29th)
Main Musallah

4:00 AM Everyday in Ramadan Suhoor served after


Before Fajr Daily in Ramadan (Next: March 29th)

Light Suhoor will be provided Daily in Ramadan

Halaqa of Quran

Daily after Fajr (Next: March 29th)
Main Musallah

Led by Sheikh Hamdy 1 Juz will be read daily in Ramadan after Fajr

Tafseer Class

Daily after Asr @ 5:00 pm (Next: March 29th)
Main Musallah

Led by Sheikh Hamdy In English Livestreamed on Masjid Hawthorne YouTube Channel

Quran Recitation

Daily 20 minutes before Isha @ 8:40 pm (Next: March 29th)
Main Musallah

Led by Sheikh Othman Join us in the Main Musallah to listen to Sheikh Othman recite for 20 minutes before Isha


Daily after Isha in Ramadan (Next: March 28th)
Main Musallah

Come join us for Taraweeh in Ramadan led by various Sheikhs

Donation Boxes

ICH Expansion 🚧

Goal: $4,600,000

Masjid 🕌

For Masjid Operation

Zakat 💰

For Needy

Ramadan Fund 🌙

Goal: $62,000

This will be used for the many activities we have in Ramadan, like Suhoor, Iftar and more.

Sadaqah 🤲

Zakat-Ul-Fitr 🎉

$15 per family member.

Local Businesses

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