Terms of service

Let's learn about The Masjid App.

1. The Masjid App Services

  • Masjid Organizations - We provide to you a web and mobile listing where you can update information to provide to your Masjid Goers.
  • Masjid Goers - We provide to you a web and mobile search feature to find your Masjid and be in touch with information they update.

2. Pricing

  • Masjid Goers - Everything is free for you.
  • Masjid Organiziations - Free, we do not bill you. When you get payments in non-needy donation boxes (ie: General Masjid Fund) we ask for 2%. You can opt-out and use us for free, but we use Stripe Connect (learn more at https://stripe.com/connect/pricing) to handle payments for you which costs us money, so please support us. For individual payment transactions Stripe takes 2.9% + $0.30 for each transaction. Learn more about Stripe at https://stripe.com/pricing.

Privacy Policy

Please see our detailed privacy policy here

Last updated: July 6th, 2020