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3520 Odyssey Drive, Mississauga, OntarioGet Directions

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Prayer Times

Athan5:51 am7:22 am1:12 pm4:16 pm6:54 pm8:10 pm
Iqama6:30 AM1:45 PM5:15 PM6:56 PM8:45 PM
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A khutba starts at 1:30 . At Muslim Neighbour Nexus, 3520 Odyssey Dr, Mississauga, ON L5M 0Y9.
Khateeb: Br. Ziad Omar

Another khutba starts at 2:30. At Muslim Neighbour Nexus, 3520 Odyssey Dr, Mississauga, ON L5M 0Y9.
Khateeb: Br. Asharib

Another khutba starts at 3:30. At Muslim Neighbour Nexus, 3520 Odyssey Dr, Mississauga, ON L5M 0Y9.

Another khutba starts at 1:30. At Churchill Meadows Community Centre 5320 Ninth Line, Mississauga, ON L5M 0R5. Get Directions

Another khutba starts at 2:15. At Churchill Meadows Community Centre 5320 Ninth Line, Mississauga, ON L5M 0R5. Get Directions


Sep 15, 2022 11:15 PM

Assalamualaikum, We will be resuming Jumu’ah salah at the Churchill Meadows Community Centre from tomorrow inShaAllah. Please park in designated spots only and obey the parking signs. Also, please refrain from parking in the plazas next to the masjid. We have received several complaints from our neighbours and they advised us that they will be calling bylaw enforcement to ticket musalleen who park in their property. MNN Masjid: 1st: 1:30PM (Br. M.Nabulsi) 2nd: 2:30PM (Hafiz M. Badoolah) 3rd: 3:30PM (Br. Nu'man Atiq) Churchill Meadows Comm Ctr: 1st:1:30PM (Br. Marwan) 2nd:2:15PM (Br. Fareed) Jazaakum Allahu Khairan and Thank you for your understanding and support.

Sep 10, 2022 4:09 PM

Assalamualaikum. Today is the last day to register for a special workshop for families with kids in high school. Br. Omar Zia will be at MNN Masjid tomorrow (Sun Sep 11) and will discuss tips and tricks on how to prepare your kids for high school and the tools they can use to make them successful. Please join us with your families.

Sep 2, 2022 1:24 PM

Assalamualaikum. Just a reminder that we will NOT be hosting Jumu'ah salah at Ruth Thompson School today or next Friday (Sep 9).There will be 3 salah at the masjid at 1:30 (Br. Ziad Omar) , 2:30 (Sh. Hossam Helal) and 3:30 (Hafiz M. Badoolah). Please bring your prayer mats in case the masjid prayer hall is full and you have to pray outside. Jazaakum Allahu Khairan


MNN Conviction Circles

Every Sunday at 2 PM starting June 5th, 2022 (September 25th)
At Masjid. 3520 Odyssey Dr, Mississauga, L5M0Y9 Get Directions
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Discussions for Brothers and Sisters in their 20s to 40s on topics of Theology, Seerah, History, Spirituality & Contemporary issues

Brothers Bonfire (Adults)

Every Thursday from Maghrib to Ishaa (Next: October 6th)
MNN Masjid - 3520 Odyssey Dr, Mississauga, ON L5M 0Y9
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Looking forward to engaging discussions with Brothers (adults all ages 21 - 80) with Bonfire and Coffee

Youth Boys Hangouts *limited capacity*

Saturday, Oct 1 2022 9PM - 1AM
MNN Masjid
Fee: $10.00Enroll Now

Come hang out after 'Isha on Saturday October 1, as we play sports, video games, qiyam and enjoy plenty of food and snacks! Online registration is required for entry. Spots are limited. ***No drop-ins*** Highschool/University students only. This will be strictly enforced.

Sisters' Bonfire

Wednesdays, After Maghrib (Next: October 12th)
3520 Odyssey Drive, Mississauga, Ontario Get Directions
Suggested Donation: $5.00Enroll Now

Join us every Wednesday for Sisters' Bonfire at the MNN Masjid. Please note, this is for adult sisters only. For younger sisters, see our youth bonfires on Tuesdays, and for adult brothers, Thursdays.

Weekly Seniors' Hangouts

Thursdays at 2:30 PM (Next: October 6th)
3520 Odyssey Drive, Mississauga, Ontario Get Directions
Suggested Donation: $5.00Enroll Now

Every week on Thursdays, between 2:30 and 4:00 PM, our seniors’ community gathers at the MNN Masjid to meet and socialize with each other, developing new bonds and strengthening old friendships. Join us this Thursday, and bring a friend along with you.

Friday Family Night

Fridays after Maghrib (Next: October 7th)
3520 Odyssey Drive, Mississauga, Ontario
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Join us every Friday from Maghrib to Ishaa as we discuss the Seerah of Rasul Allah SAAW, have a fun Kahoot! competition, and enjoy some snacks and refreshments together.

Sunday After-Fajr Tafseer Halaqah

Sundays After Fajr (Next: October 9th)
3520 Odyssey Drive, Mississauga, Ontario
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Join us for a few minutes every Sunday after Salaatul Fajr as we go through the tafseer of the Quraan.

Weekly Hikes

Sundays at 9:30 AM (Next: October 9th)
Join the WhatsApp Group for Details
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Join the WhatsApp group for location details:

Lessons from the Seerah for Our Times

Saturday, October 8, 5:30 to 8:30 PM
Main Hall
Fee: $8.00Enroll Now

We have a special community event for the entire family on Lessons from the Seerah for Our Times. The event will take place on Saturday, October 8, and will feature Shaykh Daood Butt, Ustaadah Taimiyyah Zubair, Ustaadh Ayub Hamid, Imam Ibrahim Hindy and Ustaadah Razia Hamidi, among others. Register today!

Modern Technology Threats & Your Family

Once on Oct 2, 2022 3:30-5PM
MNN Masjid
Fee: $10.00Enroll Now

We will be returning with our parenting workshop series, this time with Br. Ansar Mohammed on Modern Technology Threats & Your Family. This special presentation is for parents only and will focus on what you needs to be aware of as your children spend more and more time online. Br. Ansar is a Senior Cloud Solutions Architect with Microsoft. He specializes in Cybersecurity and Identity. Ansar has been with Microsoft for more than 22 years. Register today via the MasjidApp.

Sisters Tea Talk!

Friday Oct 7 2022 9-10PM
MNN Masjid
FreeEnroll Now

AssalamuAlaikum All, MNN is excited to invite you to Sisters Tea Talk! 🥰 Honest Tea Talk is a safe place for sisters to bond and discuss issues that pertain to us as Muslim Women of this generation. This space will ensure that our communication remains within the islamic framework while being honest and open. A place for sisterhood to unite outside from the MSAs, Campus, Work and to reconnect and build a bond for the Sake of Allah. Honest tea talk ensures a judgement free zone where we instill respect in one another as sisters in Islam.

Introduction to Shari'ah-Compliant Investing

Saturday, October 22 at 12 PM
MNN Masjid
Suggested Donation: $10.00Enroll Now

Come and learn about Shariah-compliant investing with Br. Sameer Azam, portfolio advisor with RBC Dominion Securities. The session is a part of our series on financial literacy and will provide basics of Islamic finance and Shariah-compliant investing.

Practicing Deen the Prophet's Way

Every other Wednesday between Maghrib and Ishaa (Next: October 12th)
Main Hall

Join us every other Wednesday to learn about how we can practice the Deen the Prophet's way.

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Badminton coaching fees

$150 fee for 10 training sessions. Only people who have registered should pay the fee. If you haven't registered and still pay the fee your fee will be returned unless there is a dropout. Otherwise people in waiting list will be given opportunity to pay fees. Also email will be sent with more details about program soon

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