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ESTABLISHING THE PILLAR OF ZAKAT - BUILDING A SELF-SUFFICIENT COMMUNITY Some of the most vulnerable members of our community get left behind due to the lack of support for them from their own. The ones who suffer the most are often those with disabilities, the elderly, refugees in resettlement, and single parents. Despite government benefits, the local need continues to be immense. Our assistance goes beyond what is available, so Zakat funds can be utilized in the most efficient manner.

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Friday, May 7th at 10:40 PM

With the grace of Allah and with the support of our generous donors we were able to distribute more than $334,000 of Zakat money across Canada this last month. We still have a long journey ahead to try and help hundreds of families more. We have several ongoing projects to reach as much people as possible. 1. Halal food packages!/ 2. Eid Gifts for under prevailed children!/ 3. Zakat Al Fitr 4. Donation scheduling for you last 10 nights in Ramadan Please visit for more information about how your donations impact Canadian Muslims.

Wednesday, May 5th at 4:09 PM

URGENT CALL for volunteers - EAST/NORTH YORK IFTAR DELIVERY (MAY 6) to NZF Zakat beneficiaries. Pickup at 5:00 PM from: Mandi Afandi 64 Overlea Blvd Unit 10, East York, ON M4H 1C4 Drop off locations will be in East and North York. The addresses will be divided based on the number of volunteers who will generously sign up! Please message, Zainab Attia, at 647 885 6049 if you would like to volunteer. Please do so by Wednesday at 6pm in order to allow her time to allocate delivery routes for every volunteer. Please pass on this message. May Allah reward you immensely!

Monday, May 3rd at 6:46 PM

The last 10 nights, and the most powerful of Ramadan, are here! Do not miss out on all the baraka and rewards that comes with it. You can now schedule your Zakat and Sadaqah to be paid on every night of the last ten nights of Ramadan. Your support will help to serve those who are most in need, right here in Canada, with some of the most basic necessities of life. Make sure to not miss out on the great rewards of giving on Laylat Al-Qadr. You can do this with ease! Visit then choose your cause, select your preferred time zone and schedule your donations.


Seeking Laylat al-Qadr Webinar

Thursday April 29 2021 6:00 PM EDT

The last 10 nights of Ramadan are the crown of the month, infact, of the entire year! There are no other nights as blessed as the last 10 nights of Ramadan. It is towards the end of this month that we generally begin to lose steam, fatigue starts to kick in, and the energy & excitement we had at the start of the month begins to taper off. It is at this precise point that you need to step up your game. NZF is pleased to bring the world renowned, our very own Canadian, Shaykh Navaid Aziz who will motivate us to re-energize ourselves & bring back our focus on the grand prize of Laylat Al Qadr

General Fiqh of Zakat Webinar

May 1 at 2PM PST / 5PM EDT

Ramadan is a time when most Muslims choose to pay their zakat in hope of increased reward. Therefore, it is extremely relevant to educate the public on the rules and details of zakat. For this reason, we have prepared a general zakat program that will educate the regular Muslim enough to ensure their zakat is discharged correctly.

Donation Boxes

Zakat - NZF

Goal: $25,000.00
Raised: $3,287.54
Left: $21,712.46

Bring Baraka to your home by donating your Zakat today to help vulnerable Canadian Muslims with rent, food, clothing and debt relief.

Zakat - Nisa Homes

Goal: $10,000.00
Raised: $1,149.88
Left: $8,850.12

Nisa Homes is a charitable organization that provides a safe haven and support services to women and children who are experiencing homelessness, domestic violence, or poverty.

Sadaqah - NZF

Goal: $10,000.00
Raised: $424.84
Left: $9,575.16

Your sadaqah will support hundreds of families across Canada with with employment support and medical bills. Low income families and single parents will be safer because of you!

Sadaqah - Nisa Homes

Goal: $10,000.00
Raised: $269.24
Left: $9,730.76

Nisa Homes is a charitable organization that provides a safe haven and support services to women and children who are experiencing homelessness, domestic violence, or poverty.

Zakat Al-Fitr

Goal: $10,000.00
Raised: $836.32
Left: $9,163.68

Fulfil the obligation of Fitra by providing a meal for the poor and needy on the day of Eid! $10 per person!

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