The Masjid App

Masjid Board Members & Staff

Accounts are only for masjid board members and staff. They can manage their masjid web and mobile listing after logging in.

All other users, just search for your masjid above. We recommend the mobile apps, because from there you can follow masjids to receive notifictions.

How it works

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Keep your congregation up to date with what's going on with notifications delivered to their mobile devices.

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Easy Updates

No more worries of finding a new volunteer every so often asking for his free time to update the website. With our easy to use dashboard, any staff can update.

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If your masjid already has a website, you are already paying monthly hosting fees. For that same money, we will give you a web presence, plus a mobile presence.


Our goal is to build a real-time connection between you and your masjid.