Deeds Privacy Policy

We care deeply about the Ummah's privacy. Our attention to privacy issues is unmatched by any other service.

Zero PII Data Stored

  • The Masjid App Team itself does not store any PII data. Masjid Goers & Sponsors are never asked to provide legal proof for their name, thus it is not PII. This information is deletd when Masjid's delete the related entities.
  • Masjid Staff registering Masjids submit PII data to Stripe, this information can be deleted by requesting [email protected] to delete your Masjid.

Finanical Data

Stripe is used for the Masjid Goers & Sponsors paying the Masjid. Learn more about Stripe PCI and privacy at

  • Masjid Organization - We send Stripe the minimum, bank, tax, and fields on the Stripe onboarding form. Stripe uses this to verify non-fraud and then stores it in a PCI compliant way and never reveals to us or even yourself.
  • Masjid Goers & Sponsors - We only send email and card details to Stripe who toeknizes and stores it in a PCI compliant way.

Non-Finanical Data

The Masjid App stores name and email for Masjid Goers when a donation or enrollment is made. However we do not legally verify this is your real name so it is not considered PII. This is only visible to the Masjid's that you transact with. The Masjid App does nothing with this information, it is only stored at the request of the Masjids.

Zero Tracking

No ads or trackers of any sort from Facebook, Google, or etc. The "Businesses Listings" you see on The Masjid App are plain text and images served from The Masjid App's own server.

Last updated: July 6th, 2020